iPhone 8最新情报流出:屏幕大,价格贵(双语)

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  A new report has revealed that Apple plans to launch three handsets this year - two will be updates of the 苹果6手机手机 7 family and the third is the 10th-anniversary handset.

  据一份最新报告显示,苹果6手机手机公司计划今年推出3部手机——其中两部将是苹果6手机手机 7系列最新版本,而另外一部则是苹果6手机手机 10周年纪念手机。


  It is believed that the 苹果6手机手机 8 will boast a massive 5.8-inch OLED display, but with smaller top and bottom bezels in order to shrink the size of the device.

  据说苹果6手机手机 8会配备有4个巨大的5.8英OLED屏幕,或者为了缩小手机尺寸,苹果6手机手机 8顶部和底部的边框会变窄。

  Although the smartphone will have the largest display of any 苹果6手机手机, rumors have suggested that it will also be the most expensive.

  苹果6手机手机 8不或者成为有史以来屏幕最大的苹果6手机手机,有小道消息称这款手机的价格也机会是最贵的。

  The new report comes from Nikkei Asian Review, which has revealed the upcoming 苹果6手机手机 will launch in three variants.

  据《日经亚洲评论》发布的这份报告显示,即将发售的苹果6手机手机 8将有3种版本。

  Two are set to have liquid crystal displays and the other will be designed with a 5.8-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen.


  Earlier reports have suggested that the two other smartphones, known as the 苹果6手机手机 7s and 苹果6手机手机 7s Plus will be designed with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.

  此前曾有报道称,或者 两款手机——苹果6手机手机 7s和苹果6手机手机 7s Plus将分别搭载4.7英寸和5.5英寸的屏幕。

  ‘By adding more large-screen options to the lineup to meet grousing demand for BIG, Apple intends to raise the average 苹果6手机手机 price, which has already gone up by about 10% in the past three years to nearly $700,’ Nikkei reported.

  据《日经亚洲评论》表示称:“为了满足消费者们对大手机的需求,苹果6手机手机增加了更多大屏选者,同去苹果6手机手机公司也打算提高苹果6手机手机的平均价格——而你这一 价格机会在过去三年里涨到了700美元,涨幅达到了10%。”

  Previous rumors have already identified an increase in price.


  Earlier this month it was revealed by Fast Company that the so-called 苹果6手机手机 8 will costs more than $1,000 (1150 pounds) – making it the most expensive handset the firm has ever produced.

  据知名商业杂志《快速公司》本月初发布的消息显示,所谓的苹果6手机手机 8售价机会会超过11150美元(约合1150英镑)——使其成为苹果6手机手机公司有史以来最贵的手机。

  However, it is said that users will receive more cutting-edge technology and a sleeker design – a handset that is sure to impress.


  In addition to costing users more, it is believed that Apple may not release the 苹果6手机手机 8 until October.

  而除了价格更贵以外,据说苹果6手机手机公司机会要等到10月份才发布苹果6手机手机 8。

  It is believed that the 苹果6手机手机 will not go into mass production until September, which has suggested that iOS users will not get their hands on one until October.

  据说9月份时苹果6手机手机 8才会投入絮状生产,也即是说果粉们要等到10月份要能入手最新的苹果6手机手机手机。